My love of the Yorkshire terrier began as a child in the 1970’s, when my Aunt, Connie Brogan introduced me to this enchanting breed along with her sister in law, Mary Brogan, who I always called Aunty Mary.  I will always remember her babies, Charlie, Lizzy Drip and Sally, who I loved dearly, and always wanted to take home following visits with my Father and Mother to see my Aunt and her family !   Her love of the breed continues to this day and she has two beautiful girls. Annie and Izzy, who she just adores.    

I desperately wanted a Yorkshire Terrier of my own.   My parents allowed me to finally own my first Yorkshire terrier.  My father sort my Aunts advice in respect of breed lines and they bought me a book on the breed, and a few months later, for my birthday I was presented with the most adorable bundle of fluff you could imagine. I was so proud to finally have my very own Yorkshire Terrier.  I called her Pebbles, after the little girl in the Flintstone cartoons, as I insisted even back then that she was to have a top knot !!!  She was from strong traditional breed lines and had a beautiful head and coat.  Her colours were perfect.  She was so good natured and of course being a terrier she was very mischievous but at that stage in my life I was not so interested in the finer points of the breed just the most important issue, which was that she was mine -this most adorable Yorkie with the most wonderful coat and the hidden terrier underneath.

I read my book from back to front and front to back again.  I learned about the fantastic breed that I was lucky to own and also read about the fascinating world of dog showing.  Dare I do it?  Could I one day breed my own dog and show ? It was a dream I held for many years.   I had always been involved with horses and had a love of riding which I did competitively until an accident stopped my career developing.   So I had an idea of the commitment involved in showing albeit in the horse world rather than the dog world.

In my early 20’s I met my Husband Steve and could not believe that he had a Yorkshire Terrier as a pet  and had done so  since he was a boy and that his mother and grandfather also kept the breed.  Obviously we were a match made in heaven. !  When we married, sadly my husband’s Yorkshire Terrier had passed away and so he bought a pair of Yorkshire Terriers as a wedding present from him to me, from a local lady who bred purely for pleasure and had never shown. Her breed lines were once again from the very same strong traditional lines we had both had previously.   And so my dream began.

As usual, Crufts came around once again.  This year was different though , this would be the year to remember.  Our breed had gone through to the final stage.   I can honestly say that watching Mr Osman Sameja  guide the most perfect and most beautiful Yorkshire Terrier ever, Champion Ozmilion  Mystification , to be crowned Crufts Supreme Champion in 1997 was just the most magnificent thing I had ever seen.

 I was totally inspired and following several years observing from the ringside at many championship shows, comparing my Yorkshire Terriers to the ones we watched, I sort advice from respected breeders and leading kennels in the Yorkshire Terrier world and I watched them in action.  I was in awe seeing the people who I had read about in the books actually showing their dogs and thought yes I want to do this.  This was the turning point for me and I decided I was going to show and breed my own Yorkshire Terriers. I wanted to do this to the highest quality and standard that I could.

Since then, I have gone on to breed my own Yorkshire Terriers. I am not a prolific breeder and litters are very few and far between.  The puppies are all home bred and are all brought up in the home environment surrounded by family , our dogs and friends which, I have found  produces well balanced and extremely happy little individuals who bring such pleasure and joy.  When we do have a litter they are bred to a very high standard – my aim is to breed the best example of the breed that I can.  I breed quality not quantity and if I do not keep any of the litter, I have a responsibility to ensure these precious little ones are all looked after properly for the rest of their lives and placed in loving and caring homes with the right owners. I am extremely careful where my puppies are placed. If and when any litters are available, prospective new owners are vetted to the highest standard. 

My homebred show dogs have been qualified and entered for Crufts every year since I began and when I have exhibited there I have always been placed in any class I have entered.  My dream is now a reality and I don’t know if I will be lucky enough to ever have  a Champion – that’s the next part of the dream  - or achieve supreme champion at Crufts, but for now, the enjoyment and love my Yorkshire Terriers bring to me is immense and cannot be put into words. 

And so to end, I would like to thank My Husband for allowing my indulgence and supporting me come what may, thank goodness he loves the Yorkies as much as me,  Aunt Connie and my parents who started it all off, most importantly of all the friends and acquaintances who I have made along the way who have taken the time to teach and advise me and who continue to do so………

Diane Leadley,   Caedlea Yorkshire Terriers,   - Kennel Club Accredited Breeder


We would like to introduce you to some of our Yorkshire Terriers:

Caedlea Notorious known at home as “Little Steve”.

Shown and qualified for Crufts 2008 -2009 - 2010

1st Place  Puppy                Eastern Counties Yorkshire Terrier Club  2008

1st place  Junior Dog        Border Union Championship Show 2008

1st place Junior Dog         W.E.L.Ks Championship Show 2008

1st place Novice Dog        Border Union Championship Show 2009