Caedmon Nets

Caedmon Nets are an established Net Makers, Designers, Gear Technologists, Suppliers of Netting, Ropes, Twines and Cordages, Chandlers and Gear Suppliers, suppliers of Components, Wire Ropes, Fibre and Combination Ropes, Rockhoppers and Rubber Discs, Pot Ropes, Netting, Twine and pot gear.

We are able to supply both netting and Rope by the coil or bail or in cut lengths, Twine by the spool and bungee cord by the reel.

In addition to this we are manufacturers and suppliers of Nets and Tarpaulins for every application in the Agricultural and Leisure sector, Commercial Fishing Sector, Offshore Sector, Construction and building Sector, Transport Cover Nets and Tarpaulins, Litter Retention and Waste Management sectors and pest Netting.


FSB Member

It's Knot a net if it's Knot a CAEDMON NET - beware of imitations.!



Manufacturers and suppliers of Nets and Tarpaulins to the Commercial Fishing Industry, Agricultural, Industrial & Transport sectors. Find out more...


Find out more about Caedlea Yorkshire Terriers.  Our love of this breed goes back to our childhood.